It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Tinder: Part 2

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If you read It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Tinder: Part 1, you know that I was in a moment of “oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.”  Well, that turned into “OH, this could be fun!” within seconds.

Both Ann and Tinder Guy responded well.  He mentioned his wife and how they often swipe together.  She said she was cool with everything and laughed about it.  James, however, knew nothing of their open dynamic and was sure she was going to be in distress.  I still felt like things were off.  If they were truly polyamorous why wouldn’t she have told him about me the night she met me.  Like, “hey husband, I met a super hot chic who’s here alone and totally dtf.”  Slightly red flag.

But, I decided to move forward.

We decided Tinder Guy would meet me and James for lunch.  He arrived and was even hotter in person.  Wow.  Ann created a group text for the three of us, which kind of seemed cool, but mostly made me feel like she wanted some control over the dynamic.  I told her to meet us.  She asked for selfies.  We sent them.  And, we looked good together.

James left and Tinder Guy and I decided to go back to his place where Ann was working from home.  She seemed cool with it, but I wasn’t sure and let him take the lead.  We went to his room and laid on his bed.  The energetic vortex around us was immediate.  We massaged each other and began to create intimacy, but did not cross the line into penetration.  We scratched the surface on learning about each other’s bodies.  And, then he decided to cook me dinner.

By this time, Ann was done with work.  We all ate dinner together- them on one side of the table, me on the other.  They talked about their relationship and I tried to support them through several challenges.  The vibe was confusing and slightly chaotic.

Later, she asked me what about his profile made me swipe right.  I realized she hadn’t seen it.  I became less sure that they “swiped together,” less sure that she was on board with this experience, and less sure that all of this was consensual.  This was confirmed when she took a lightening fast shower when getting ready.  As if she didn’t want me and her husband to be alone together again.  After she’d seen the bubble we’d created.  The bubble I kept trying- and failing – to get her to join.  And, yet, she asked me to meet them later to go dancing.  So, I did.

The three of us ended up with bottle service at a night club.  We danced, but mostly separately.  He and I kind of kissed a couple times.  We touched each other a lot.  She and I kind of danced together a couple times.  It didn’t feel like the creation of a threesome.  But, I was doing my thing and loving the moment.

It was almost 4am and we decided to get tacos.  We left the club and Tinder Guy put his arm around Ann’s shoulder and grabbed my hand.  Not ‘friend’ hand hold, but interlaced-fingers hand hold.  Hmmmmmm. . . maybe this is going somewhere after all? As we ate our tacos, Ann chatted with some folks as he rubbed my thigh.  I mostly focused on my taco trying to figure out what the fuck the flow was between the three of us.  She was avoiding me, dodging the creation of intimacy so freely flowing between me and her husband.

The taco truck closed and we had a choice to make.  I knew I wanted to fuck him.  But, I knew she didn’t want that.  I told them I was going to call a separate Uber back to my hotel.  She and I hugged goodbye.  He and I hugged with a hint of a kiss.  And, then I left.  And, then the shit hit the fan. . .

To be continued. . . again.


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