From Work to Werk

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I booked myself a solo vacation many months ago.  A respite to get away from my normal life and focus on writing.

My plans were to work, write, work out, sleep, and lay on the beach.

On day 2 Sugar texted. “How’s the swiping down there,” she asked innocently.  “Girl.  I am here for ME time.  I’m not on any apps.” I responded quickly.  And then, almost immediately, I downloaded Tinder and began to swipe.  Flooded by photos of attractive men I felt my productive self-care week priorities all began to shift.

Maybe I won’t write as much, BUUUUUT I will gain content for writing later.  At least that is how I justified it to myself.  It is now day 3.  I had a facetime date this morning before my breakfast coffee date which is before my afternoon beach date which is before my evening show date.  AND, look who still carved out time to write!

I am already wondering how to navigate the sweet staff at my hotel as they meet my potential guests.  I am already wondering why my period decided to come four days early adding a new x-factor to hook ups.  I am already wondering what the hell I’m doing and my future self is shaking her head at my current self knowing that we are going to end up having to hustle extra when I get home.

And, yet, I am happy and ‘experiencing the culture’ and getting down to the real werk.

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