The art of hair pulling- 5 tips on how to pull hair

hair pulling

There is an art to hair pulling and I’m sure it’s different for everyone.  I’m certainly not claiming that I know how every woman likes her hair pulled but I can tell you how I like it, and from my conversations with other women around this topic lately, many of us have similarities in what we like when it comes to having our hair pulled.

I didn’t think I’d like having my hair pulled.  Visions of a porn I had seen once popped in my head when I thought about this, a man roughly grabbing a fistful of a woman’s hair while he pounded her from the rear.  Her neck was awkwardly bent backward while I thought to myself, that can’t be fun? I had certainly never asked anyone to pull my hair and I hadn’t experienced hair pulling of any kind until one night after a date with this very yummy single dad, he kissed me goodnight in the car and while doing so he reached up behind my neck, ran his fingers up my scalp and ever so slowly curled his fingers into a fist in my hair and gently tightened his fist while kissing me.  The pull was slow, gentile, confident and made me tingle from head to toe.  I decided that night that a kiss wasn’t a kiss till my hair was pulled in the process.  Yep. It was THAT good.  Lucky for me I have experienced much more of this tantalizing hair play since then and started asking around to see what others think about pulling hair or having their hair pulled.

One friend admitted he once tried to pull his wife’s hair and she donkey kicked him off the bed.  “How did you pull her hair I asked!?” curious as to what in the heck he did that caused such a severe reaction from his wife.  Without any warning at all while he was in the doggy style position he just thought it might be hot to pull her hair, so he took a hold of her pony tail and yanked hard, once.  WRONG, that certainly isn’t the way I want my hair pulled and I’m going to bet there aren’t too many people who would enjoy that.  Here are 5 tips on how to try hair pulling successfully:

  1. Be confident-nothing is more unattractive than someone who is hesitant and lacking confidence so when you decide to make your move, make it with confidence
  2. Always check in with your partner.  Are you ok with this, does this feel ok, do you like this?  All good questions to ask as you attempt something new that might be a little rougher than what they are used to.
  3. Go slow. Start with a loose grip and see if your partners breath catches, they make a noise, relax or get tense.  You can gauge if they are enjoying it by their reaction and you can adjust your intensity based off of their reaction
  4. Start gentle, try a light hair pull when kissing your partner or during a scalp massage.
  5. Be deliberate and constant not jerky.  Certainly don’t grab a ponytail and jerk it once hard.  Pulling should be done with a constant pull and not a hard jerk to hurt your partner or catch them off guard.  We aren’t trying to give anyone whiplash here people


Pulling hair is all about heightening the senses and creating that super sexy addition to your already fabulous moves.  If you haven’t tried pulling hair or having it pulled, grab a fistful of hair and enjoy!

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