I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

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My friend James and I have hooked up once, but our relationship mostly consists of sending each other funny memes and making each other laugh.  He recently started dating a woman who he wanted me to meet.  He planned a night out with her, his good male friend, and me.

I found them immediately at the crowded bar.  First, because I know James and he is tall and sexy.  Second, because his friend is even taller and also sexy.  Third, because the lady friend was tatted up to the tip of her chin, had a partially shaved head and numerous piercings.  And, she was sexy.

We exchanged noisy hellos over the music and I couldn’t quite tell if she had an accent or if the music was just messing with my hearing.  I soon realized it was neither.  Turns out her speech was slightly altered by her  split tongue.  She essentially had two tongues to maneuver through her mouth as she spoke.

We decided to move on to another bar and I laughed when she called shot gun and both tall men had to smush into the back of my compact car.    The bar had an awesome DJ and the men went to grab drinks while we went to explore the scene.  Within minutes, we became the scene.  Our dancing rapidly turned into kissing.  So, before I knew it, I was making out with my buddy’s lady with two tongues on a very public dance floor to some version of a TLC song.

As the guys returned with our drinks, I looked over at James and shrugged my shoulders.  “I didn’t come out planning to steal your girl,” I joked.  His laugh told me that all was good, so I continued my exploration of this beautiful woman and her body modifications.  She and I were compatible dancers, compatible kissers (the two tongues were surprisingly not super noticeable), and kept a fair balance of who was controlling the moment.  At one point, she asked if I were a top or a bottom.  Hmmmmmm.  “I do whatever I want,” I responded.  But, to be honest, I thought those labels were more commonly used in the gay male world and hadn’t thought to categorize myself as either.  It is true, I do what I want, but I’ll have to hook up with many more women before I understand if  have a pattern worthy of a label.

I was starting to feel too exclusionary, so I facilitated a sweet drop off dance move depositing her on James’ lap.  And, I grabbed his friend.  I’m a tall woman and am not used to men being that much taller than me.  Dancing proved interesting as I was really only able to grind on his mid-thigh and his grinding was more rib cage than anything else.  Nevertheless, it was fun.  His moves were confident and his energy was sweet.  I’d 10:10 move my body along with his in the future (wink face).

Two drinks, several hours, and about a gallon of sweat later, I dropped everyone off at their respective locations and drove home to prep for an early morning.  Later, I texted James to check in that he was cool with the overall flow the evening.  He berated me for being too sexy and charming.  I promised to try to tone it down.

Spoiler alert:  I won’t turn it town.



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