The Moon Made Me Do It

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A new guy, JD, invited me on a second date and I accepted.  Our initial coffee had gone well and I found him incredibly sexy with his Matthew Mcconaughey drawl and his army veteran swag.

He chose a sushi restaurant and we chatted over sake and rolls.  JD complimented me frequently.  My smile, my eyes, my ‘hippy’ vibe.  He asked lots of questions, laughed easily, and insisted on paying for dinner.  The date could have easily ended after diner and I could tell he was letting me take the lead.

As we were walking to my car we passed a seating area and I suggested we sit for awhile and enjoy the warm breeze.  We sat and talked for hours until I looked up and saw the most beautiful full moon rising over us.  It was close to midnight and I stopped mid-sentence, gasped, and jumped up to get a better view.  We stood in silence appreciating the beauty and the JD turned to me and said, “wanna go jump in the lake with me and watch the moon?” Um, yes.  Yes I did want to go do that.

We got in his oversized truck and drove to a secluded lake access point.  As he stripped down to his boxers, I paused.  I had nothing on underneath my dress.  “Sooooo, we’re going in naked, right?” I asked.  “Because, I’m not wearing a bra or panties.”  His eyes briefly widened before he winked and pulled off his boxers.

We waded into the lake with mud squishing between our toes.  The moon provided the ideal lighting for two bodies and I silently thanked her for her incredible wingwoman abilities.

We got in waste deep and I dropped down to my knees and dipped my hair in to get the full experience of the water.  It was glorious.  I turned to JD and marveled at how we got to live this life and have this moment.  Our eye contact lingered, I cocked my head to the side and asked, “can I kiss you?”  His lips touched mine with just the right combo of gentleness and passion.  He skin felt warm despite being wet and the mud was soft and giving as our bodies moved together.

We began exploring each other, but I told him not to finger me as I didn’t want lake water pushed up my vagina.  That just seemed like a parasite situation waiting to happen.  I’m not sure how long we made out naked in that water, but eventually it began to get cold and we wanted to progress things.  “Can I take you someplace drier and lay you down?” he seductively whispered in my ear.  FUCK YES my body shouted.  “I’d like that,” I heard myself say.

JD grabbed our towels and helped me dry off before we hopped back in his truck with wet hair and muddy feet.

The sex was lovely and connected and passionate.

He asked me to stay over and as my brain was fighting between wanting to leave and not wanting to inconvenience him to drive me back to my car, he said how sweet it was to watch me trying to decide between what I wanted and what I should do.  Little did he know he had my want vs should mixed up.  But, since I do what I want, I sweetly smiled at him and asked him to drive me back to my car.

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