It’s Always a Good Idea to Smell Your Fingers

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Confidence is the sexiest quality in the universe.  A close second is the unabashed enjoyment of another’s body.  Carlos had both.

Plus, he was physically gorgeous, kind, attentive, and had an edge about him that could only have been created by a tumultuous history.  All combined, this was a perfect recipe for great sex.

We met at a bar, ate too much at the attached food truck, and soon were making out like scandalous teenagers on an oversized couch in the bar lounge that was inexplicably sticky.

The bar patrons respectfully ignored us, but the adult voice in my head was chattering on about ‘appropriate behavior’ and wouldn’t stop wondering about the sticky substances underneath us.  We made the grown up decision to leave the bar and moved to his car in the parking lot to continue ‘getting to know’ each other.

The car was small.  His muscular body and my long legs made for some creative positioning and I silently high fived myself for choosing to wear a dress despite the low temperature outside.

In one swift motion, he leaned over me and pulled the lever to drop the passenger seat into a full reclined and he made himself comfortable on top of me.  Just when I thought it couldn’t get hotter, he pulled his hand out of my dress and look a long, intoxicating inhale of his fingers and I watched his lips curl into a seductive smile.


I was turned all the way on and we continued our steamy car session.  I’m pretty sure his passenger seat is now also ‘inexplicably’ sticky with a fun reminder, a great story, and a lovely connection that will hopefully continue to develop in new, exciting ways.


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