Strategic Choking

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I right swiped on Cory mostly due to the way his pants fit in his photo and my curiosity about what was underneath.  That and, um, he seemed smart?  Ugh, let’s be honest – he didn’t seem smart.  Anyway, we met for appetizers and he was good-looking and kind.  He had the habitual southern chivalry, which some women find charming and I find unnecessary, so we fumbled around with that a bit.  My inner feminist came out hard and he seemed baffled, but turned on.

So, we decided to have sex.

The pants-bulge photo was an understatement and I was stoked.  We found our sex groove and all was lovely until. . . he started talking.  Now, I can get down with dirty talk and – by no means – am I quiet in the sack.  But, there is a certain amount of conversational sex-etiquette that needs to be explored here.  For example, there should be a rule that no one is allowed to ask committal questions while engaged in sex.  When I am entrenched in sex brain, nothing I say can be contractually binding.  So, don’t ask me if “this pussy is only yours” or “if I’m going to stay the night so you can eat me out in the morning” because now I either have to lie to keep the moment flowing or I have to stop the sex to check my calendar.

I navigated these committal questions by ignoring them and making some sexy noises instead, but he wouldn’t stop.  It was getting more and more awkward as I tried to dodge the interrogation while still pursuing my orgasm and enjoy this masterpiece of male anatomy.  Finally, I had had enough.  I ordered him on his back, hopped on, placed two hand around his throat and cut off his airway.  This was not an attempt to be a sexy dominatrix.  This was a necessity.  It was a strategic choking and I would do it again.

He seemed startled at first and then relaxed into the moment.  I found the right pressure giving him just enough air to breathe, but not enough air to talk.  We enjoyed the rest of our time together in relative silence.  I never did answer whether or not ‘ my pussy was only his’ nor did I stay the night, but I’ll be forever grateful to him for helping me learn how to handle the inappropriate sex talkers of the world.

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