Bi the way. . . I lost my Vaginity. (Part 3)

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A Month Later:

One of my best guy friends is convinced he’s found my soul mate.  Or, more specifically, that he has found the ‘me’ in a male body.  This Man-Spice lives in another state, enjoys kinky open sexual stuff, and is a super nice guy.  Um, I’m in.  So, we’ve been texting and it’s been fun and I told him about this little Bi goal of mine and he got SO STOKED.  Ladies & gentlemen: I now have what I’m going to refer to as the bisexual bridge.  A smoking hot man who wants to mentor me into sexually enjoying women.  He’s like the marijuana of vagina.  The gateway drug into lady bits.  The VIP host into Club Cervix.

I booked my flight and he is setting up his ‘play room’ and getting logistics sorted.  I’m calling it Operation Don’t Say Good-Bi or Operation Baby Bi Bi Bi (but you’ve gotta channel a little Justin Timberlake to make that one work).

A Couple Weeks Later:

HOLY SHIT. It happened.  A threesome with Man-Spice and a beautiful woman who I can best describe as a feminine badass who was sexy, smart, funny, and openminded.  The details of the threesome will be described in another article as there is a lot to unpack and discuss.  But, I popped my lady cherry.  I lost my vag-inity. And, I loved it.

Women are incredible and it was so fun to explore a body that mirrored a version of my body.  Same parts put together in slightly different ways.  We kissed, rubbed, licked, sucked, looked, smelled, touched, and experienced each other and it was a glorious celebration of sexual connection and energy flow that began to chip away at the identity labels I’ve carried with me for entirely too long.

Bi the way. . . I’ll be doing that again.  A gay friend told me that I can’t identify as bisexual until I’ve been with three different women and had female sexual experiences not including men.  I don’t really care if that’s a fair definition of bisexual or not – it sounds fun and this girl is up for the challenge.


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