Dammit! What the Heck is a Dental Dam?

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I had heard about dental dams at some point in my life and filed the information away in my brain under the “wtf” category.  But, then Aaron happened.

Aaron is the friend of a special guy I used to date which makes everything slightly complicated.  Our friendship has been blossoming further after the other guy moved away, but nothing sexual seemed to be on the horizon.  We meet regularly for drinks and catch up convos that mainly center around divorce, dating and laughing about sex stories.  One evening, we decided we should try out a dental dam together because it was random and weird and, for some weird reason, seemed totally appropriate.  As if, the dental dam was powerful enough to block not only STDs, but also all the potential social drama of violating friendship protocol.

Let me back up for a second.  For those of you who don’t know what a dental dam is:  it is a thin sheet of plastic-wrap-without-the-excessive-cling, comes in a variety of flavors, and is meant to cover the entire vulva to minimize the transmission of sexual transmitted diseases during oral sex.  It is different from a female condom because it does not go internally at all.  Rather, it lays over top of your vulva.

I chose banana, grape, and vanilla.  Opting out of mint and strawberry.  They are sold in sex stores near the condoms, but can be a little hard to find.  Fair warning:  each dental dam is $2.99, so the cost can add up quickly and they are definitely single use.  I guess, in a pinch, you could use regular old saran wrap, but I haven’t tried that yet.  On my list to compare!

Anyways, we set a time to get together and the whole event preparation felt more ‘research’ than ‘sexual.’ Until. . .

Aaron arrived and I got us both glasses of water since it was 1pm on a Sunday and alcohol felt unnecessary.  We made small talk for a bit and then I suggested we go into my room.  I gave him the flavor options and recommended banana due to my flavored condom experiences.  We pulled it out, read the instructions like responsible adults and then I took off my pants.  I suggested he undress a bit too so we were better matched and decided to take off my shirt.  I lay back on the bed wearing only a bra and he got into solid pussy eating formation at the base of the bed wearing only his boxers.

We gave each other a brief smile and he got down to business.  At first, my curiosity got the best of me:  was the banana flavor gross?  was the texture too weird? did he feel like he was ingesting microplastics?  But pretty soon after I realized that despite the thin barrier this felt super good.  Next thing I knew, my bra was off and I was in my pleasure element.

Now, if I had been using the dental dam as a necessary barrier (eg, there was an active STD) then I hope I would have been more responsible.  BUT, since I don’t have any STDs, I went with my desires and soon began to direct him to what I wanted.  I told him to put his fingers inside me – knowing this was against dental dam protocol.  And, soon after, I knew I was ready to cum and I told him to remove the dental dam so he could taste the experience.  Because, no dam was going to block my flow (hehe).   Obviously, this was seriously against dental dam protocol.  But, he happily obliged.

After our experiment, I tested the banana flavor only to find that it tasted like nothing.  It was basically just a thin yellow plastic sheet.  The taste was totally neutral.

We hooked up for a bit after and enjoyed each other’s bodies.  And, as he was leaving he whispered in my ear, “save me the grape.”

DAMMIT.  Can’t wait to do that again.

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