Not Your Standard Cervical Adjustment

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Years ago when I was ‘happily’ married, I saw a chiropractor for regular adjustments.  I had a new baby, a new mom body, and plenty of aches and pains.  He was a life saver and one of the most talented chiropractors I’ve ever encountered. He was incredibly professional, but on certain occasions I could feel there was a hint of something extra there.  That intangible vibe that can’t ever really be explained.  Of course, I wrote it off.  Both of us were married and this was a professional encounter.  Right?

Fast forward 4 years and two divorces later. . .

I had moved to a different state and all but forgotten about my sexy former chiropractor.  Until, a friend mentioned that she had seen him and my name came up in conversation.  I told her to give him my number next time she saw him and, to my surprise, we were all on a group chat within minutes.

The group chat gave way to an individual text convo and I had him sending me shirtless pictures within the hour.  I knew that I’d be stopping into see him on my next trip back – especially once he outlined what he would like to do to me during our next encounter.

The texting slowly fell away and, yet again, I had all but forgotten about the sexy chiropractor.  Until, I found myself back in our old town staying with our mutual friend.  She and I decided to book appointments and he extended his office hours just for us.  The minute I saw him I knew we were going to fuck.  The adjustment was just as good as I had remembered and, I’m pretty sure he lingered a bit longer than he needed on certain areas.  As we were leaving, I casually mentioned that I’d be grabbing drinks later that night and that he should join.  No firm plans, but a clear invitation.

He showed up for drinks just as my friend was leaving and the chemistry was instant.  He mentioned he had a complicated ‘situationship’ with a woman and I told him that I would let him guide any dynamic that crossed outside friendship boundaries as I didn’t want to violate any agreements he had with his other partner.

We sat close together in a booth sipping whisky and catching up on the years apart.  He told me he had often wondered what it would be like to kiss me.  I stayed silent.  As the restaurant was closing, I offered to give him a ride home and we ran through the pouring rain to my rental car.  I began to back out and leave the parking lot when he suddenly said, “hang on, pull back in here.”  Thinking he’d left something behind, I pulled back into the parking spot.  But, as soon as the car was stopped he grabbed me and pulled me in for a years-over-due kiss.

The kissing progressed to exploring each other’s bodies and we both knew we needed to find somewhere more conducive to getting to know each other on this new level.  However, I was staying on an air mattress at my friend’s house and he had his daughter at home.  He looked at me a bit sheepishly and suggested his office.  Um, done.

We snuck into the darkened office like two high schoolers breaking all the rules.  We covered one of the tables and got to work on each other’s bodies.  For hours we discovered new parts of each other and I thoroughly enjoyed the role reversal of having him laid out on the table as I worked on his body.  I couldn’t help but pinch myself at the odd turn of events.  I was having sex with my former chiropractor in the office where he had probably adjusted my ex-husband.  The whole event was surreal, but it provided me with a much needed cervical adjustment and yet another beautiful memory.



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