Female genital massage

Female genital massage

I like massages, I like how it feels when someone touches my genitals, so why in the world didn’t I think of this sooner!?!?  I guess because I didn’t even know it was a thing, until my most recent  partner asked if he could give me a massage.  Sure I thought, grabbed some oil and started to take my shirt off, “No he said, I want to give you a pussy massage”.  I was intrigued, certainly sounded like fun and I thought surely this was a way to initiate sex with me and I guessed that likely after a few minutes of rubbing my pussy he’d start the sex part.

A few minutes later I was settled in a comfortable position on my back while he started rubbing my thighs and the crease where the thigh meets your lady parts.  Jeez it felt good, so relaxing and as he continued on to rubbing the rest of it, I had no idea how nice it feels to have your private parts massaged! It was as if it was holding on to stress or something, my entire body relaxed just by his hands kneading my privates.

A few minutes later I started to get up thinking it was time to get busy, I mean surely he can’t keep massaging me like this, but he pushed me down gently and said, he wasn’t done yet.  Ok! I thought, I’ll take more of this.  This happened several more times where I felt like I should start to get up and initiate something, but this guy was really enjoying this.  There wasn’t a millimeter of me that he missed in this massage, every stroke felt fabulous and I felt so adored in that moment.  Later I realized that he had been doing it for almost 45 minutes and his motivation wasn’t to turn it into sex.  He really wanted to just give me pleasure and relaxation…and he sure did!

Maybe this is common and I just hadn’t experienced it before, or maybe people don’t know just how amazing it feels. Either way I’m telling you, if you haven’t experienced it yet, its time you do!  Grab some oil, and get to work.  There isn’t anything more sensual, relaxing and stimulating all at the same time than giving or receiving a genital massage!

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