5 Simple Steps to Dating App Domination

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The dating app world has revolutionized the way we connect.  With the touch of a screen we have access to hundreds of potential partners awaiting our choice to swipe left or right.  We have very little information on which to base our direction of swipe and all dating app users are ignoring the timeless adage and ‘judging the book based on its cover.’  So, let’s figure out how to make the best cover.

1.  Start With Your Most Attractive Picture
If you can make the swiper pause, you give yourself a fighting chance for the elusive right swipe.  This does not mean using a crotch or cleavage shot, but rather a flattering picture of your face  and some of your body.  Don’t use a group shot -high-speed swipers cannot be bothered to figure out who you are in the crowd.  Don’t do a silly picture – if you want to show your silly side leave it for later.  And, please make sure your pictures are current and accurately reflect what you look like.
2. Have An Assortment of Photos that Reflect Different Attributes
Both physically and personality attributes.  You’ll need a clear face picture (none of this blurry nonsense), a full body (clothed) shot that reflects your current physique, some kind of activity pic so people have an idea of what your into, maybe a pic of you and your pet – but not just your pet, and then either a silly pic/group friend pic.  Make sure your friends aren’t hotter than you in the picture and get their permission.  And, keep your kids pics off your profile or blur their faces.
3) Make Sure You Include SOMETHING In Your Info Section
It is a major pet peeve of mine when someone leaves the info section blank.  Stop it.  Seriously.  It’s not mysterious, it’s lazy.  Put a quote, or your height, or your dating app intentions.  Just make sure you don’t leave this blank.
4) List Your Deal Breakers
If you know you have deal breakers then it is worthwhile to list them.  If you have a super long list then maybe you need to do some reflecting on why you are so damn picky.  Chose your top 3 deal breakers and balance them out with your top 3 desired traits.  You don’t have time to be wasting other’s time, but also don’t want to be some negative nelly spouting off all the ways you get turned off.
5) If You Match With Someone Have Some Ettiquette
Whoever matches should be the one to reach out (unless it’s Bumble and the female has to be the first to connect).  Just do it.  Say hi, or say something witty, or send a waving hand emoji.  But, don’t let those circles linger there forever lost in dating app purgatory.  Worst case scenario – they don’t respond or you get unmatched.  Take the initiative, but please avoid the 2a.m. “wyd” text.  It’s rarely cute.
Everyone has their personal list of “automatic left swipes.”  Mine includes: if the first picture is a large group, blank info sections, snapchat filter photos (just STOP with the dog pics ladies), posing with a dead animal, and any fundamentalist crap.  Other than that maybe our paths will cross one day on a mutual right swipe.
Until then, happy swiping fellow dating appers.  May your small finger joints stay strong and may you connect with many lovely people.

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