Food and sex

Food during sex

Food and sex, do the two go together?  I’ve had food which lead to sex, and I’ve shared food after sex, both of which were great, but food during sex?  This was one I hadn’t heard of.

A friend was telling me about the most peculiar sexual experience she had and it included food during sex.  Her partner of a few months asked if she minded if he “brought a little food in the bedroom?”  She thought this sounded harmless so of course she said it was fine and was curious where this was going…as was I!  He had a danish in the car.  One of those pre-wrapped swirly danish’s with the glob of white cheese in the middle.  He unwrapped it and put it on the bedside table.  She was thinking they might enjoy that sweet treat together after sex, so she got undressed and they got to business. A little ways into the sex he switched positions putting her in doggy style and reached over for the danish.  He put it on her ass and kept right on going with the sex entering her from the rear.  She thought she felt the danish move so she glanced back and sure enough he was enjoying the danish, by himself, while pounding away from the back!

The sex was great as usual but she couldn’t help but be a little baffled by the eating during sex part.  I felt a little jilted for her that he didn’t even offer her a bite!? Haha!  So I asked her what happened next?  Well, he brought over the whole Costco size tray of danish’s on their next date and kept them at her house.  Any time they had sex, he enjoyed a danish off her ass.  Flash forward a few months, they are no longer together, (it wasn’t a danish related break-up). Can’t help but wonder, maybe he was on to something?  Was it the danish he was in to? Was it the eating during sex that turned him on? I guess we will never know, maybe I’ll grab a danish the next time I’m headed into the bedroom!


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