Sex With the Lights ON

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I’d best describe my ideal body type as: “sex on top with the lights on.” This is less of a body type and more of a body feel.  When you feel sexy in your body then you generally want to show it off.  This has nothing to do with the inch measurement of your waist or body fat percentage and everything to do with your state of mind and self confidence level.  I’m there.  And, it’s glorious.

So, imagine my horror when I was having sex with a new guy and he *gasp* turned the lights off.  Oh, hell no.  We had spent a fair amount of time drinking champagne and making out on his couch before deciding to move into the bedroom.  It was cold and he super thoughtfully hopped into bed first and started warming up a spot for my mostly naked body.  Between the blankets and the skin-to-skin contact we warmed up quickly and things were progressing beautifully.  Until he got up and turned out the lights.  It was a total black out so he couldn’t see my look of displeasure at the turn of events.  “Um. I’m going to need you to turn the lights back on,” I slowly stated, “I want to see you.  And, I want to see you seeing me.”

I’m all for restricting certain senses at times and there is a time and place for sex in a black out situation.  But, I want all my senses for first time sex with a new partner as we are learning each other’s bodies.  First of all, he is a sexy man and I didn’t want to deprive my eyes of all that.  Second of all, I need to be able to scan his body for any signs of sexually transmitted disease or infection.  Third of all, I’ve worked hard for my body and my confidence and I’d like sex to be a showcase for my efforts.  Maybe I want to look at my damn self in the well placed mirrors next to the bed. . .

To sum up: get turned on, turn me on, turn the lights on, and let’s watch each other -and ourselves -enjoying a moment of connection and bliss.

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