Let’s Talk About Foreskin

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For such a small part of the body, foreskin seems to get a significant amount of attention.  We routinely cut it off of baby boys and justify it via religious customs, cultural norms, and/or alleged medical benefits.  Men who have an intact foreskin can be subject to judgements about cleanliness and other unfounded stereotypes.  As a woman who has had sexual encounters with a number of both circumcised and uncircumcised men – I’m here to say it really doesn’t make a difference.

Erect penises – both cut and uncut- mostly look the same as the foreskin pulls back to expose the head when aroused.  Flaccid penises with a foreskin have a cover over the head, which can vary in size in the same way that the inner labia of a female vary.  If your man has a large foreskin you can get creative.  A friend of mine once had a partner who liked a finger in his foreskin.  One of my sex bucket list items is to try a foreskin shot of alcohol.  There are endless opportunities here.

If your nervous about your partner’s cleanliness then incorporate a shower or bath into part of your fore(skin)play.  Honestly, cleanliness has more to do with the man then the state of circumcision.  The smelliest dick I ever encountered was circumcised.  It took hours to get the dick smell off my hands.  (Pro tip: salt and apple cider vinegar!).

Let’s stop with the idea that uncircumcised penises are ‘ugly’ or ‘gross.’  These thoughts are created by dangerous social norms and cultural habits.  Uncut penises are natural.  And fun.  Welcome both into your life with open hearts (and open hands, mouths, and legs. . . )

Personally, I think that routine circumcision of baby boys is cruel, unnecessary and should be stopped unless medically critical.  We need to embrace natural bodies from the moment of birth through the time of death.  Men: in between birth and death, please enjoy the penis you have.  Let’s all stop the genital judging and focus on genital enjoying.

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