Meet Sugar – the single mom from California with a dating blog

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Hi! They say girls are made of Sugar and Spice and everything nice, apparently I was made without the spice. I was THAT girl, the nice girl who was always doing for everyone else, wanted everyone to like her, a sappy romantic at heart who fell in love and married the first guy she dated out of high school.

Now, a single mom back on the dating scene I’ve decided to spice it up a little!  Who am I now?  What do I like?  How do you even date!?  I’ll tell you what I do know, I’m a career woman with a passion for business.  I love my kids, my family and my friends.  I smile, a lot.  I love to travel, watch sunsets, laugh and I’m a total sucker for smooth talking men.  I’m curious, and I can’t wait to navigate this new world that is “single mom life” in California.

Follow my adventures, if nothing else you’re in for a laugh or two!

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