Dating after Divorce-Never Underestimate a Strong Sock Game

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I had filed for divorce and was in a complete fog of relief, regret, guilt, worry, I could go on but you get the picture. Let me tell you about my very first post divorce experience with a man. I boarded the plane that night for a work trip clad in yoga pants, makeup that had been applied at 6am that morning and my hair in a ponytail ‘cause I didn’t give a rats ass at the moment what my hair looked like.

I got seated in my usual aisle seat and was scrolling through facebook, he said excuse me and I moved my legs so he could get by and sit in the window seat. I had no need to look up at him, I was much more interested in the recent photos a friend had posted, but I did notice when his long legs were taking up leg room of the seat between us and my peripheral vision picked up patterned socks. So, I did a side glance and his long legs and tastefully chosen socks warranted a further look. I scrolled a bit more on my phone and then very casually looked from the legs up to the torso. Good God I thought, if what’s on his shoulders is anything as good as what I’ve seen from the ground up I’m going to wish I’d done my hair today. I took a third glance and I met his gaze as he was looking right at me with a perfect smile of pearly white teeth and blue eyes. His socks had sparked my interest and the rest of him sure didn’t disappoint!

I couldn’t tell you when the plane took off and when we landed, I was so enthralled with “Socks”. Everything that came out of his mouth was interesting to me. I was so sexually stimulated just by this man’s conversation I could barely sit still. We said polite goodbyes and nice to meet yous and he walked right off the plane and out of my life.

Of course, I immediately called Spice:

Me: You aren’t going to believe this (I told her the story). Have you ever been so into what a man was telling you that you couldn’t stop staring at his mouth? All I could think is this man’s mouth and everything that comes out of it is so amazing I’d like to pitch a tent somewhere in his mouth and just live there. I have never been so turned on by someone’s conversation in my life!

Spice: Congratulations, you just had your first mental fuck. Did you get his number?

Me: No! He didn’t ask me for my number.

Spice: You can ask for his number too you know!??! Don’t worry, you now know what you are attracted to and you can find another man like him. Mental stimulation is amazing, I’m so glad you were able to experience that!

I learned from Socks there is nothing more sexy to me than a man who challenges me with intelligent conversation. And, apparently, I appreciate a good pair of dress socks too. Note to self, teach my sons to have good conversation and a strong sock game, “son, a well worn pair of socks will get you laid one day.”

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