My Cervix Had A Playdate

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Last night I was craving sex with a familiar partner. I wanted someone who was already semi-oriented with my body, my likes and my vibe. (patient guy link) was the first to come to mind and he said he was available.

He told me he was excited to make me pancakes in the morning, which I found pretty damn adorable. By 9:30pm I’d thrown the basics into an oversized purse: toothbrush, a box of left over rose, panties, a book, a comb and a chocolate chip cookie.

I was super sleepy so we cuddled for awhile as I power napped and then the kissing turned touching turned sexing began. Firstly, this dude should be a professional cuddler. His intimacy skills are on point and his muscles -under just the right amount of cushion- plus the ideal level of body hair plus height (6’3″ ish) plus deep voice make for the most wonderful human body pillow. His skin is warm. He smells nice. And, he somehow finds a way to ensure that the maximum percentage of our body surfaces are touching at any given moment.

Happy sigh.

He also creates a sincere air of ‘even if we didn’t have sex I’d be super happy having you here.’ And THAT is super sexy.

I told him one of my favorite qualities about him is how much he loves himself. It’s gorgeous and he isn’t looking to me to fill any voids in his life. I love love love it. Annnnnnnd, his dick is just the right size for my cervical canal. Puzzle piece level of good fit. It fills the whole canal and then he maneuvers himself to get even deeper so my cervix doesn’t feel left out. Such a thoughtful guy – amiright?!

I wish I could hire him out to the women who don’t think they can orgasm from penetration alone because he is a penetration guru. He should teach Vaginal Penetration 101, or Making the Cervix Your Friend, or Successful Cervical Playdates. The world needs to know.

At one point, I was on my back with my legs in a kind of modified yoga pose that is called something like ‘upside down frog’ or ‘happy baby’ and he was on top of me but was holding still so I could ‘top from the bottom’ or ‘backseat drive’ or whatever that would be called. Basically, I was using my lower abs and hips to kind of micro-movement ride him from below. Is there a name for that? Upside down cowgirl? Cowgirl Who Fell Down on Her Back? Anyhoo. . .

I could feel my cervix smiling as she said her hello to his incredible dick and they got to catch up on old times after not having seen each other for awhile. What a beautiful reunion.

And, remember, don’t let your cervix be lonely. Cervixes deserve love too.



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