Overuse of the Emoji

Emoji overuse

Overuse of Emoji’s has become a major issue

Emoji’s are great, nothing better than a smiley face or angry face to deliver a spin on a message to help in getting your point across but this whole bitmoji thing has taken over and people are over utilizing them.  This post inspired by a conversation Spice and I had the other day.  We have both recently broken up with someone for the simple reason that we can’t handle the over use of emojis.

Men sending bitmojis of themselves delivering coffee in the morning, sliding down rainbows in the afternoon, driving on the freeway to let you know they are on their commute home, or jumping out of a zebra’s ass if they are at the zoo with their kid.  Kissy faces, flowers, fruit and vegetables for no reason, I don’t want to open my text messages during my workday because I have a notification he sent me a random ass emoji!  Tell me you’re thinking about me, ask me about my day, tell me about something at work, hell, shoot me a knock knock joke, but these cartoon characters of yourself doing random stuff 45 times a day is pointless, annoying and a total turn off.

Note to all the emoji over users out there, while I’m sure a select few enjoy the emoji’s you send, a large population are aggravated by them when used too much.  Stick to a well-placed emoji to assist in delivering a point and the next time you think to bitmoji yourself doing something, here’s my advice.  Use half the time and effort and send that special someone a message that says what you can’t wait to do to them the next time you see them instead of that emoji.  I guarantee you that will reap rewards that far outweigh the emoji.


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