Shorty’s Got Game

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Dick game to be specific.

I’m a tall woman who has typically been attracted to tall men.  I blame Disney’s extreme gender role stereotyping for preventing me from enjoying a wider array of men.  Disney is a cockblock.  Society brainwashed me into thinking I needed a man who was taller than me.  So, I relegated all the attractive short men in my life to ‘friendzone.’  And then I had a ‘fuck that shit’ moment and decided to expand my realm of sexuality.  I’ve challenged myself to be attracted to energy first, body second.  In short (haha), I’m having sex with souls now and the body is the tangible vessel that makes it possible.  Next level shit.

Shorty knew my height and pursued me anyway.  This showed a certain level of confidence that impressed me.  In person, he had a calm, serious exterior and exuded a sense of depth with a smidge of tragedy.  It also didn’t hurt that his face and body are gorgeous, so we were only dealing with the height differential while I transition into my soul fucking self.  When we met he had something that I can only describe as ‘dick swag’.  His level of body confidence and comfort with himself was a dead give away that he was going to be good in bed.  AND, maybe he would work harder than a guy with his looks but who also had height. I learned from a group of men in Las Vegas that they only have sex with “6s” (on a scale of 1-10) because they put way more effort into the experience than the women they ranked higher on the attractiveness scale.  While I hate the numbers and comparisons, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was true.

Also, height doesn’t matter when your lying down.  Or sitting.  Sex is the great height neutralizer.  He started our moment together by cooking me dinner, then giving me a neck rub, which turned into a back rub, which turned into a front rub, which turned into a pants off rub, which turned into some crazy sex, which turned into me walking out of the lobby drenched in sweat with shaky legs and unstoppable giggles.

He must have studied something involving destroying women’s bodies with pleasure.  Maybe he has a PhD: Pussy Handling Degree.  This man can only be classified as a short guy with a tall guy’s dick game.  And, I’ll be going back for more.




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