I Think I Made Mercury Blush

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I keep hearing about how Mercury is in retrograde.  And, all these other planets are in retrograde.  And, it is supposed to be a time of chaos in life and technology is supposed to act up and feelings are supposed to be more feeling-ish.  And, I’m feeling pretty darn left out because my life is going really well.  Maybe I’m just out of tune with myself, or maybe I am always having technology problems, but I’ve been super happy lately and haven’t noticed the cosmos working together to screw shit up down here on earth.

My current theory is that I had such great sex under the stars the other night that I made the planets smile.  Or, at least I made them blush.  It was like a mini-sexual offering to the universe and I was filled with such gratitude that maybe I was spared for this retrograde go round.

A sweet man I hadn’t seen for awhile reached out to spend some time together.  Even though he’s 10 years younger than me, this man knows his way around a woman’s body, so I was extra excited to catch up with him.

We made tea and went on my back patio which has a gorgeous view of the sky and is far enough from town that, on a clear night, there are stars everywhere.  I commented that my neighbors, whose windows overlook my patio, had just moved and the new neighbors hadn’t arrived yet.  We locked eyes and immediately knew we had to take advantage of the situation.

The night air was warm and muggy which made it easy to be naked.  And, it felt like we should be filmed for an advertisement on how to have a sexy, Summer moment.  Both of us are very comfortable with our bodies, and comfortable with other peoples bodies, which makes our experiences together even more pleasurable.  There is no undercurrent of insecurity which opens the brain and body up to more fully experience the moment.

The sounds of the evening were beautiful: frogs and insects and the running water of a small creek.  Occasionally, a breeze would rustle through the leaves and cool the sweat on both of our skin.  It was magical.  At one point I was standing up as he sat on the outdoor couch playing with my body.  I tipped my head and body back knowing he would support my hips and stared into the starry sky.

I’m not sure I’ll forget that moment.  The hint of exhibitionism, the comfort, the pleasure, the subtle breeze on my skin wafting delicious scents of our bodies mixed with his cologne, the stars filling the sky in patterns unknown to me, his tongue circling my navel as one hand adeptly explored my insides and the other confidently supported my lower back and hip.

Jesus, I’m turned on just writing about it.

Anyways, we were out there for awhile and I’m pretty sure I need to call a chiropractor to adjust my neck after being in some creative positions for extended periods of time.  We did things that would make Venus herself turn away and I know for sure that Mercury Retrograde smiled down on me.

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