Three’s A Party

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Threesomes.  Are.  Awesome.  Seriously, it’s exponentially more fun than a twosome.  It’s not just adding one more body to the equation — it’s a body, plus the energy of each person, plus the energies between each person, plus the energy of the three together.  A gorgeous complex math equation of sexual pleasure.  More hands, more mouths, more eyes, more, more, more.  The options are endless and the resources are not longer scarce.  Do you want to kiss someone while someone else is going down on you?  NOW YOU CAN!

Here’s how my first ‘three’s a party, not a crowd’ experience went down:

A special guy named Jay offered to help me make my threesome dreams come true and told me he had a specific woman in mind.  Beth was beautiful in her pictures and had a good feminine yet badass vibe going.  But, I knew that chemistry would be crucial.  Jay has an ongoing sexual relationship with both me and her and he was convinced we would hit it off, so I was cautiously optimistic when we walked into the initial dinner meeting.

Jay and I sat down and Beth rushed in a few moments later flustered from a plethora of work stresses.  We made nonsexual chit chat while I tried to sense a sexual vibe and realized I have not yet learned how to read female sexual cues.  I was out of my element and didn’t like it.  As the meal was ending, Jay casually mentioned that he was planning to head back to the house and tie me up – “would you like to join us?” he asked,  “Sure,” she replied with a quick side glance my way.

We arrived at Jay’s house, walked straight to the bedroom and all sat on the bed.  I was up by the pillows, Beth was down by the foot, and Jay was on the side in between us.  Thoughts were racing through my head: How the fuck does this transition?   Does she seem nervous?  Who takes the lead?  Am I the only one who hasn’t done this?  Jay interrupted my thought hurricane when he smoothly moved closer to us and said, “what would you both like to get out of tonight?’  It’s clear he is puppet mastering this event and I’m not sure I want it to play out that way.  Beth says she would prefer him to take the lead.  I stay quiet.  He suggests tying us both up and making us come next to each other.  I interject;

“Um, I actually think that she and I need to touch each other for awhile first.”  (That gets their attention).  “I haven’t been with a woman before, and, if it’s okay with you (I laser in on Beth), I’d like to do a lot of things to you.”  She nods and lets out a squeak of consent.  I ask her if she has anywhere she doesn’t like to be touched or if any type of touch bothers her.  She confirms she is ‘user friendly’ which makes me laugh.  Jay expertly takes advantage of a lull in conversation, leans over and begins kissing Beth.  It’s oddly erotic to watch this happen and I briefly check in with my body to see if I feel any jealousy.  Nope.  Just curiosity.  I scoot forward and tap Jay’s shoulder to say,  “I’m going to take her for awhile now” and I go in for my first female kiss.  . .

Her mouth is warm and soft and eager.  This highly anticipated event has turned out to feel like the most natural experience.  We kiss and I begin to move my hands across her body exploring all the curves that I own, but have never known on another.  Jay watches us and waits to see what will happen next.  I pull away momentarily and inform her that I plan to move her on her back and go down on her.  She nods and I place one hand behind her head and slide my other hand under her hips as I guide her body horizontal.




I still haven’t fully unpacked the erotic power that came with knowing how to touch her body and guide her into positions that maximized her experience.  We can learn how to give another gender pleasure, but it is almost second nature to know how to please the mirror image of the body you possess.

Jay was fully engaged in the sexual trifecta.  I don’t believe there was a single point during which one of us felt left out. The emotional intelligence of our little group was impressive as was the desire we all had to both give and receive pleasure.  This post would be novel length if I tried to go into detail regarding all the things we did that night, but the two ‘must try’ positions that everyone needs to try are: 1) Have one person on their back while another goes down on them and the other lies on their chest and kisses them.  2) Have the man lie on his back while one woman rides him cowgirl position and the other rides his face reverse cowgirl and the two women kiss.

This threesome was epic level awesome.  I think the magical ingredients were chemistry, openness, and communication.  Plus, we were all truly interested in the other two so no one got the raw end of the stick (metaphorically and literally since we used condoms – get it?).  . .




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