Unlocking the Squirting Code

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I have always been curious about squirting.  I’ve (thankfully) never had a problem reaching orgasm and have been able to achieve multiple orgasms with the right partner.  However, despite varying attempts, I’d not been able to squirt.  To be fair, I wasn’t even sure what I was seeking.  Is squirting the same as peeing? Does it shoot out like a geyser stream or is it more of a gush of liquid? What does it feel like?

It wasn’t helpful that many of the answers to these questions varied greatly and the research world has largely ignored female ejaculation.  Here is my best understanding:  female ejaculate varies, much like male ejaculate.  It is different between each person and also varies within the same person depending on their specific circumstance in that moment.  Female ejaculation (called either squirting or gushing) originates in the female version of the prostate gland, but comes out of the urethra – much in the same way semen does.  So, it’s not technically pee, but comes out of the same hole and can bring a sensation of peeing.

I remember when I gave birth the sensation was that I was pooping.  My body didn’t have a real baseline for ‘baby exiting vagina’ so it sent my brain data from the most similar thing it could find.  (Although, to be fair, I also did poop a little during birth.)  My guess is that women’s bodies don’t have a baseline for ‘female prostate fluid exiting urethra’ so the brain interprets it as pee until it gets more experience.  (Although, to be fair, maybe there is a bit of pee in the ejaculate?)  I plan to ask my male friends if they ever feel similar sensations when ejaculating and peeing.

My interest has recently been peaked even more intensely because I’m 99.9% sure I had a squirting experience.  But, embarrassingly enough, I had to ask the partner I was with if he agreed that I’d squirted.  He responded with, “uh, yeah.  It’s not the first time.”  WTF?  I’ve had my squirting door unlocked and didn’t even know it?  I knew that some orgasms are way more intense than others.  I knew that sometimes it did kinda feel like I needed to pee.  I knew that after those types of orgasms there was a way bigger wet spot.  But, I guess I thought it would be a more dramatic stream of liquid that shot across the room like I’ve seen on porn.  Silly me using porn as a baseline for real life.  I know better, but I also don’t know better.

Squirting has become somewhat of an elusive fetish-type goal.  Men (and women) use it as a bragging right.  It’s like the new, updated version of ‘I took her virginity’ for men to be able to claim that they are the ‘first guy to make her squirt.’  Well, I’m not mad about it.  Continue trying to unlock my body codes and I’ll continue trying to understand what the hell my body is doing.



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