Adult Breakfast In Bed

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Breakfast in bed is a luxury.  Adult breakfast in bed is a luxury multiplied by a million.  And, I’ve been overindulged.

I recently traveled to see a sex partner and friend of mine who must wake up hungry because he makes it a point to eat me out first thing every morning.  There is no good morning, no brushing teeth, no hopping up to pee just a smile before he scooches down under the covers and between my legs.  He wants nothing in return and I am more than happy to be his morning adult breakfast routine.

I’ve visited him multiple time and this has, without fail, been the pattern.  But, this last visit was a bit different and even more luxurious. . .

Jay had mentioned that he had been seeing a woman who he thought I would get along really well with and asked if I wanted her to join us for part of my visit.  Heck yes!  I love getting to meet special people in his life and it sounded like it has some sexy potential.

Susan met us for dinner with a group of friends and we connected immediately.  She was open, beautiful, engaging and – clearly – had a great taste in men (and women).  We went back to the house and cuddled on the couch talking about intimate life details and I was a bit pouty when we all climbed in to bed and went to sleep without so much as a boob graze.

The alarm went off at an obscenely early hour as we were off for a day trip and, as always, Jay slid down below the covers.  I’m assuming my vagina had first dibs on being breakfast as I was the visitor and Susan lay happily next to me without a hint of jealousy.  But, in my haze of sleepiness and bliss, I decided I was going to have to make a move – morning breath and all.  I wrapped my arm around her, pulled her closer and we begin to kiss.  Shortly into the kissing I decided that Jay wasn’t the only one who was going to eat that morning and I whispered to Susan, “I think you should come up here and ride my face.”

And, she did.  We pulled the blankets down from Jay’s head so he could enjoy the view of Susan from behind as she straddled my face and I got to enjoy a version of the adult breakfast in bed.


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