Chase you? Please! I don’t even chase my liquor! – Don’t chase a man

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Chase you? Please, I don’t even chase my liquor!

This sentence couldn’t be anymore true. I chase my kids, I chase potential clients, I chase after my ex to finish up the damn divorce paperwork so I can be done, but I REFUSE to chase a man.

I don’t care how hot he is, how many times he has rocked my world, how everything he says is smoother than the cream cheese on my bagel, I won’t do it.

I won’t do it because I love myself more than I love him.  I won’t do it because I have yet to see an instance where a woman chased a man and he came back to love and appreciate her.  I don’t need someone who’s on the fence about being with me, I need someone who’s going to jump the damn fence to be with me.  So when my heart was broken by a man who completed ghosted me after a whirlwind romance, I did the following:

  1. Called Spice and had a good hard cry
  2. Got my workout on, because eating the gallon of chocolate ice cream wasn’t going to help me feel better, but getting sexier than ever sure would!
  3. Told myself you won’t chase him, because NO one is worth chasing.

Instead of texting and asking him how he was, calling him and asking him what happened, or posting something on social media directed toward him, I ghosted him back.  “You didn’t fire me, I quit!”  And it felt amazing.  Let him think he was the one that ghosted me, but in a few weeks when he hasn’t heard from me let him wonder.  When he’s lonely in a month or two let him remember me as the one that he didn’t know what happened to.  Let him question himself if he made the right decision. He thought he had me, when really although I loved him, I loved myself more.

Always love yourself more.  Don’t chase anything or anyone…ok maybe your tequila, feel free to chase that with a lime, because that lime will never ghost you:)

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