Rebound sex

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Lets talk about rebound sex, maybe I should have titled this entry Manhandling vs Jackhammering…there IS a difference.  Men need to learn this difference, and this blog goes out to all of the jack hammering men out there please take note: jackhammers do NOT belong in the bedroom

To get over one man you need to get under another a friend of mine said, so I decided to try dating again to get my mind off of the last guy.

This man had been giving me the message loud and clear that he was interested for some time.  After a good while of casual dating I accepted his invitation to cook me dinner at his house.  After eating, we sat on the sofa to watch some TV and he finally worked up the nerve to kiss me.  HOLY MOLY this man could kiss, and then he picked me up and put me on his lap without even so much as warning me.  After a few minutes more he picked me back up and moved me to the floor and used his thumbs on my hips to push in a little, a move which I didn’t know existed, but did things to me. He moved me around as he pleased and I felt a little manhandled…

Note to self: I like being manhandled.

After a few more fun evenings of food and manhandling, I didn’t say I needed to go, and this time he moved me into the bedroom.  I thought to myself, a little more manhandling and some bump and grind is about to go down!  Just what I thought I needed, until he actually started.  So get this ladies, light man handling and good make out sessions do NOT equal good sex.  All  the goodness was replaced with jackhammer style thrusts.  BAM BAM BAM BAM…for sure he’s going to switch it up I thought, let me be patient and its going to get better. BAM BAM BAM BAM Shudder.

It was over and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  Thank god for having kids, the perfect excuse. “The nanny really needs to go home so I need to go now”.  He made some comment about wanting to cuddle and I ran out the door saying “next time!’.

There would NEVER be a next time.

I learned I like to be slightly manhandled but definitely not jackhammered.  I also learned that if a guy is good at making out, that does NOT necessarily mean he’s good in bed.  And lastly, the getting over a guy by getting under another doesn’t work.  After the jackhammering I didn’t feel better at all.


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