Coffee In A To-Go Cup

to go cup

Is it ever a good idea to give the girl you’re sleeping with coffee in a to-go cup? Absolutely, I found it so thoughtful when I was headed out in the morning after a fun night with him and he offered coffee. I was rushed to get to work and while gathering my things he said, “can I give you a cup of coffee to go?”  Sure! I said, but I wasn’t prepared for the comment that followed.  Purse in hand, I ran into the kitchen to grab my nice warm cup of coffee for the road and he hands me a personalized coffee mug and say’s, “I don’t want this mug anymore anyway, so you can just keep it or toss it.”

I take the coffee mug, say thanks and head out the door.  Finally in the car I have a moment to look at this coffee mug and it has his ex-wife’s pictures all over it!! This mug was clearly a gift of some kind to him from his ex as there were photos of her and the kids, her and him, and bleh. Not that I have a problem with his ex-wife but it seemed like her face was at the top of the mug in every photo, and every time I took a sip, somehow she ended up in my mouth.

There is something so wrong about drinking coffee out of a mug that’s covered in another woman’s face. So, I’m going to take a stance on coffee in a to-go mug, if you have little to-go cups that you stocked up on at the store, go for it gentleman! Offer that woman you are sleeping with a cup of coffee to go.  If the cup is going to have pictures of your ex-wife, your kids, the Virgin Mary or anybody else that makes my vagina dry, the likelihood of me coming back for a taste of you, or your coffee is slim to none.

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