When Your Vagina Talks, Listen.

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My vagina is a wonderful communicator.  She sometimes realizes I’m turned on before my brain does.  She shows me all sorts of cool stuff about my period.  And, best (worst) of all, she directly tells my nose when she isn’t happy.  Yep, this article is about vaginal odor.

Most of you probably made at least a slight ‘ick’ face when you read that.  But, I’m here to stand with my vagina and her occasional scent communication because it’s helpful information.  Also, to be fair, men have smelly bits too and we all seem more forgiving about that.  Sweaty testicles, funky textured and odored semen, and that ‘dick’ smell that once stayed on my hands for hours.  Let’s all agree that sometimes our private parts smell and it’s awkward and it happens to everyone.

Now that we’ve normalized this situation, let’s talk about it.  Well, first, let’s do the medical due diligence of, “get yourself checked out by a doctor if you have an offensive odor – especially with discharge – that isn’t going away.”  Great.  Here we go.

I had condom free sex that resulted in semen ending up in-ish and around my vagina/vulva.  Both the partner and I had been recently tested and I have an IUD, so we made this decision consciously (although I was a bit peer pressured by my sex-brain state which took over after some seriously passionate oral sex).

Post sex, I peed, wiped up the residue and went about my life.  However, the next day I noticed a bit of a semen-y odor.  Hmmmmm.  Not my normal v-smell, but I baby-wiped, showered and continued on about my day.  The next day it was a stronger semen-y/sweetish smell.  If I could have stuck my nose down there for a better whiff I would have and I almost flew Sugar out to give me a sniff test and her opinion.  Instead, I opted for the finger swipe and sniff.  Yep, definitely a noticeable odor.  Not a nasty one, but definitely not one I’m trying to put on display.

Timing was unfortunate as I had a date later that evening, so I quickly convinced myself that only I could smell this inconvenient pH imbalance and started my vaginal parfait strategy.  The date went great and, if he noticed an odor, he didn’t mention it.  I dodged any oral sex, and definitely kissed him more closely when I was on top in a proactive maneuver to block any wafting smells.  Sex smells are fun, but not when your vagina is basically telling your current sex partner that she is still recovering her delicate pH balance from a previous dude.

I texted in my female support network and -at their suggestions – added a few elements to my vagina parfait: an herbal douche with natural Chinese Herbs and a food grade boric acid suppository.  Happy to report my vagina has been happily non-communicative on the odor front.  But, I hope she knows that I’m always here to listen if she needs to tell me something.

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