How to Guess the Size of a Man’s Penis

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Does a man’s finger size correlate to the size of his man part? How can you guess penis size??

So, I have heard a lot of stories about ways that women think they can predict the size of a man’s penis.  Shoe size, nose size “the bigger the nose the bigger the hose!”, rounded shoulders, hip width, women seem to have all kinds of ideas on how they can anticipate just how hung the man is going to be before she gets up close and personal.  Of course, I am no exception. I think you can tell what a man’s penis size is going to look like by looking at his fingers.  Are they short and thick?  Are they long and thin? In my minimal penis experience I have found this to be true, so I have decided I’m going to go with it and I’ve been looking at everyone’s fingers lately.  You would be surprised how many different shapes and sizes of fingers there are!

I decided to do some research on my theory and I found there actually is a correlation to finger length and penis size, not in the way I was thinking, but studies have found a correlation between the difference in length between the index and ring finger and the length of a man’s penis.  Apparently boys that have had more testosterone exposure in the womb grow longer ring fingers. Men with longer ring fingers tend to be nicer to women, have more attractive facial structure, and…wait for it… have a longer penis length!! So, the longer the ring finger in comparison to the index finger, the longer the man part he has.

So, gentleman, if you notice a lady is sizing up your fingers when you go to shake her hand, you now know what she’s doing.


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