Sex and The Fully Fused Sacrum

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As a woman in my mid-thirties I’m in the awkwardly wonderful stage where I can find both the son and the dad attractive.  My general age range of sex partners is 26-ish to 50+, which solidly covers two generations.  My upper limit was never as challenging for me since I find older men attractive and think its fun to learn from their life experience.  However, the lower limit has been a bit trickier.

Obviously, the potential sex partner would need to be 18 or older due to the law.  And, well, ethics.  But, 18 seems way too young.  There are 18 year olds who are still in high school and you can’t take them to a bar.

I raised the bar (pun intended) to 21, so we could legally have a theoretical drink together and their friends wouldn’t hit me up to buy them alcohol.  But, 21 seems sooooooo young.

So, I raised the limit to 25.  At this age, the potential partner could drive a rental car with no additional fee.  So, if we ever traveled together I wouldn’t have to be the solo driver.  Plus, I remembered a college psychology class mentioning that our brains don’t understand permanence until 25.  That seemed like an important concept to have a grip on.  Then, I deep dove into health and began to learn about the body and found out that our sacrum (that butt bone area) starts out as multiple bones that slowly fuse over time and. . . . it doesn’t fully fuse until 26.  

I cannot fuck a guy without a fully fused sacrum.  Right?  I mean. . . can I? Well, I did a lot of thinking on this and decided that if certain conditions are met then I will consider having sex with a non-fully fused sacrum.  Sugar helped me flush out those conditions and they are as follows:  1) does he have strong abs that will counteract the lack of full fusion (this makes zero anatomical sense but who cares), 2) is he super hot, and 3) do we want to have sex with each other.

So, I recently started talking to a 25 year old.  Maybe his sacrum is advanced for his age and fused early.  Or, maybe his strong abs will make up for it.  Either way, the conditions are met and I’m sure the experience will be wonderful regardless of sacrum fusion status.

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