The Dab in your 30’s

I’m just going to go ahead and say it, in my opinion the Dab when picking up a lady is not a good idea.  I didn’t even know what this was a few months ago until I decided to visit a bar to have a few drinks and maybe shake my booty a bit with my girlfriends on Saturday night. There were quite a few younger men there, which was fine by us as they were great eye candy and fun to chat with.  I started taking to one guy who offered to buy me a drink and frankly he was so hot I didn’t think I cared what he was talking about, I could just zone out and look at that face…until I noticed about every second sentence or so he kind of jolted his head to one side and brought up his arm on the same side when he did it.  Maybe I SHOULD pay attention to what this guy is saying I thought, he might be motioning about something important.  But no, as he kept talking about random things he continued to do this weird jerky motion and I finally decided he might have a tic.  Just as I was ready to feel sorry for him I noticed when he did this head/hand motion he said “Dab” and then continued his conversation.  I knew I was missing something so I politely made my escape and sent a few texts asking friends if they had any idea why this guy was doing this!?  I got a mixed bag of answers, some said it was a drug reference, others said it was the cool new dance move.  According to urban dictionary the Dab can be defined as ‘Atlanta term used to describe dance move (bowing head into elbow) which represents confidence, accomplishment, and pride.’

I don’t care how confident and accomplished you are, there was nothing about that move that made me any more turned on, impressed or even remotely interested in spending any more time with him.  So men in your 20’s, I’m not sure how this whole Dab technique is working out for you with your own age demographic, but I’ll tell you in discussions with all of my single friends over 30 that are typically DTF, not a single one would give you the time of day after you started the Dab.  The Dab does not belong in a pick-up line or any other part of your conversation for that matter.  Unless you are offering to Dab off some hot sauce that maybe on the side of my mouth after biting into a chicken wing, I’m not interested.

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