Super Bowl Sexiness

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I love athletes and respect the hustle, dedication, and effort of anyone playing a high level sport.  But, I’m more of a ‘root for everyone’ type person and don’t often identify with a specific team.  This makes the Super Bowl a relative non-event for me.  However, this past Super Bowl Sunday I found myself with a last minute plan change and ended up day drinking with my friend and her new guy at a swanky hotel.

Turns out my friend’s new guy has hot friends and he invited one to join us. Mid-mimosa sip, I looked up (and then down, and then back up) at an attractive Persian guy making his way towards our table.  Omid turned out to be intelligent and thoughtful, and had the energy cocktail that gets me every time: calm, confident, with a seriousness and depth.

We all moved inside where the Super Bowl was playing and ended up with all of them sitting on a couch facing a huge screen and me sitting on a chair facing them.  I was closest to Omid and we maintained a conversation about life, priorities, family, mindset, hedonism, and more.  I found him generous with his knowledge, secure with his opinions, but open to new perspectives.  But, sexiest of all – he didn’t break our eye contact and kept his attention on me instead of watching the football game.  His focus on me – despite the Super Bowl extravaganza happening just behind my head was incredible.  And, a major turn on.

Slowly and naturally, our energy shifted from meta-level discussions, to personal stories, and I hardly noticed when our other friends left.  I moved to the couch and his hand resting on my leg felt easy and unforced.  Neither of us paid attention to the half-time performance, or the commercials, or the loud cheers.  He and I had created our own bubble and our commitment to being present with each other was all the foreplay I needed.

I was describing this incident to a friend and we laughed about how low the bar is that “a guy who isn’t distracted by football while you’re talking is a huge turn on.”  Really, he was just being a good listener and kind human.  Well, also, he was probably trying to get in my pants.  But, in a world where people check their phones while you’re telling them a personal story – focused attention is under-experienced and incredibly desirable.

We went back to his place and shared more of ourselves with each other.  It was lovely.  Not sure if we will see each other again, but I’ll always remember this sweet man who looked into my eyes instead of at a screen.

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