Car Make Outs & Dangerous Play Lists

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Thankfully I’m not one to get embarrassed easily, which is important since I often find myself in ridiculous situations.  The most recent situation involves a pretty serious car make out session with the russian roulette of musical playlists coming through the speakers.

Let me give you some backstory.

I was recently at a holiday party/networking event and found myself talking to a very attractive man.  He told me that he currently works in the tech industry, but is primarily focused on his modeling career and training to play professional basketball.  He looked like a cross between Lenny Kravitz and Wiz Khalifa.  And, I decided I didn’t really care if he was only 24 and probably still didn’t have a fully fused sacrum (see:  Sex and the Fully Fused Sacrum).

Less than an hour after I left the event, I got a text from Lenny Khalifa.  “Is it bad that I find you attractive lol.”  Everything about that text screams ‘I can’t rent a car without an extra fee’ and yet I was feeling it.  So, we made plans to grab a drink a few days later.

I saw him at the bar with his sexy tattoos and large gold cross chain.  He was drinking water and his massive hands made the glass look tiny.  I knew then I’d be taking him home that night.  We laughed and learned about each other for a couple hours and then he walked me to my car.  I offered to drive him to his car since it was cold outside and because I’m all about creating the appropriate logistics for a hook up.  I turned on the car and forgot that my decades old itunes playlist was on shuffle.  Planez by Jerimih starts blasting and I sheepishly turn it down as I immediately became ‘that white chick that blasts rap/hip hop in her car.’

His car was only a minute away and as we hugged I told him I was going to kiss him.  We started kissing and things began heating up, but then a Hillary Duff song came on.  Laughing I switched the track only to find an old country song by Toby Keith, followed by a hard core rap song by Kevin Gates, followed by Kelly Clarkson.  We swapped between feeling on each other and cracking up about the randomness of the songs.  It was hard to keep a consistent vibe, but the attraction was palpable and he made sure to assure me that he did, in fact, also like the Beatles.

An old school 112 song felt like a perfect nostalgic musical background as I unzipped his pants, although there’s a strong chance he was only a baby when that song was popular.  And, I couldn’t contain my laughter when the next track was Willie Nelson.  I pulled my hand up, my face back and dared him to just try to analyze me based off my playlist.

The night was getting late and I had an early morning with an important exam.  So, obviously I had a choice to make.  I told him I should go.  He hugged me close and, in his deep voice, murmured – “I’m gonna text you my address and it’s in your hands where you wanna ride.”  WHAT? Who says that?  I pulled myself together, reminded myself that I am a grown ass woman who is working to become a doctor.  I’m a mom, I’m an entrepreneur, and I got shit to handle.

As we both drove away my phone buzzed with the tempting text message.  I waited safely until the next stop light and made the best decision ever.  I texted him my address and told him he could decide if he wanted to cum.

He arrived 15 minutes later.  I opted for no music as we got to learn about each other on an even deeper level.  We shared a sexy night together, meditated together in the morning, and both seem excited to see each other again.

I’ll keep you posted.



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