I Think I Had Sex With a Vampire. . .

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Some men are grossed out by period sex.  Some men are neutral about it.  Some men are aroused by it.  And, then there is Barry.  I think that Barry is a vampire.

Barry and I have known each other for several months and see each other in passing at our respective jobs.  We have had a casual flirtation, which transitioned to texting, which transitioned to a hang out, which almost immediately transitioned to sex.  I happened to be mid-cycle on my period and disclosed this fun fact to him as our make-out session turned steamy.  I’m never certain how a man will respond to this information, but Barry also happens to be 10 years younger than me, which made me wonder if he would be an immature “ewww period blood” type.  Boy was I in for a surprise.

He responded with, “I don’t give a fuck.”  Which, I noted was really the only answer I find acceptable in this situation.  Barry then preceded to take me into the bedroom where some of the weirdest and sexiest hours of my life thus far occurred.

Barry confidently pulled my tampon out and threw it across the room.  did a slight internal cringe, made a mental note to find it later, did a short reminder of how to clean blood out of carpet, and then concluded that this was an extremely sexy maneuver.  In the seconds it took me to file through those thoughts, Barry had already found his way down south and was thoroughly exploring my vagina.  Some men will eat out a woman on her period with hesitancy, avoiding the internal bits, staying safe on the periphery.  Barry?  This dude couldn’t have gotten further inside without being a tampon.

After he was done with that phase of the adventure, Barry decided to explore further with his fingers.  My body was happily obliging his curious nature when he stopped, pulled his fingers out, looked me right in the eye, AND SUCKED THE BLOOD OFF HIS FINGERS!!! You read that right.  He put his fingers in his mouth and sucked off the period blood.  Holy shit.

Maybe Barry just needed some additional iron in his diet.  Maybe he has an honest kink for period blood, which I am more than happy to support.  Or, maybe, just maybe, I fucked my first vampire.

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