Spit Can Be Sexy

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Barry and I had a chance to reconnect recently sans period (see vampire sex) and it was awesome.  We both fundamentally enjoy sex and bodies and the weird stuff that can happen between people. Both of us are intrigued by natural body things and it leads to phenomenal sex.  There is no room for embarrassment or insecurities because we are both laser focused on pleasure and experience.

He came over late one evening and we made tea and caught up on life.  We moved into the bedroom and snuggled in to watch some videos of a project he is working on and slowly transitioned to touching and kissing and exploring each other.  Clothes came off and our adventure together began.  One of Barry’s many fantastic qualities is that he is a communicator – he is clear about expressing his own pleasure and checks in regularly about our connection.  He asks me what I like and he creates a space of trust and respect that opens up new realms of what we can do together.

At one point, already hours into our sex marathon, I was laying on my back with his head between my legs.  We were watching each other experiencing the moment and it was sexy as hell.  It felt right to generate some saliva in my mouth and let it slowly slide down my cheek.  Spit is an undervalued body fluid, in my humble opinion, and I’m giving it some love these days.  His eyes widened slightly and he raised his mouth to tell me how much he loves spit.  And, so, I did the only logical thing, I opened my mouth like a sexy baby bird and he pulled himself upwards along my body and spit inside.

I shared this story with a girlfriend of mine who cringed, then laughed, then reprimanded me for doing shit like that during flu season.  But, why does spit generate such a different feeling than saliva?  We’d been french kissing and that wasn’t grimace worthy, so why is a condensed version of saliva propelled into someone else’s mouth, or onto their body, such a different feeling?  My best guess is that we associate spit with something dirty: you spit out bad food, people spit on the ground, babies spit up.

Spit needs to be re-evaluated as yet another fun, wet, lubricating addition to our sexual menus.  Try it.  Have fun.  Get messy.  Enjoy the chaos and unpredictability of sexual connection.

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